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Junior Leaders - This 4-H project provides opportunities for personal growth and leadership development for 4-H teens. It develops a better county-wide 4-H program through the support and fellowship of the Jujnior Leader club. Participation in this project opens doors for new 4-H friends and 4-H activities at the county, area and state level.
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Home Environment - Your home is a special place. It is where you eat, sleep, play and work, with your family and friends. Your home is where you live. This project shows you ways to help care for parts of the home and to make living areas more enjoyable. You will start in a very small way by learning to care for a special space: your room. Making your room attractive and taking care of it can be fun if you know some proper ways.
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What is a calorie? You can't touch it, you can't feel it, but calories are on every food label and are often referred to in advertising.
Why is steak so expensive? Why is prime rib so expensive? How can i pick out high quality meat at the store?
A well balanced diet and a healthy life style can have a tremendous impact on workforce productivity. It is estimated that almost 38 billion dollars is lost each year due to missed days of work from adult onset diabetes.
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Practical nutrition information is becoming an increasingly important topic for adolescents particularly as government standards with respect to serving sizes, and food labels are changing more frequently.
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The Case of the Missing Milk is a fun and educational 4 lesson series demonstrating the importance and unique nature of dairy properties through project based learning.

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