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DeKalb County QLC Training

All 4-H youth enrolled in a LIVESTOCK PROJECT (Beef, Dairy Beef, Dairy, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep and Swine) must be QLC certified or have a YQCA online completion certificate.

If you choose to complete the YQCA option, you will register for the online course at  After completing the course, you must email the 4-H Educator your certificate to receive credit.

If you prefer to take the QLC in person (Instructor led) course, the cost is $3 per child and will be located at the Exhibit Hall (Fairgrounds) on the following dates:
Feb 10 at 10am
Mar 25 at 1pm
Apr 20 at 9am
May 4 at 9am
Aug 10 at 9am

Register through the Events tab in 4-H Online.

  1. Log in to 4-H Online
  2. Click "view" next to the 4-H member you want to register
  3. Click the "Events" tab on the left side of the screen
  4. Select "DeKalb County - 4-H Quality Livestock Care"

After attending the course or submitting a YQCA online training certificate, you will be marked complete in the DeKalb 4-H hub (Fall Fair Checklist).

** This certification does NOT replace the workshop/worksheet requirement. **

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