Animal Agriculture

UAV Benefits

  • Identify sick or down animals that need prompt treatment
  • Locate livestock across many acres
  • Search for mother and offspring and assess their health
  • Inspect fences quickly to determine if they need to be repaired, mowed or sprayed
  • View seasonal grazing patterns to determine future forage selection


Structural components: Barns and structures pose a risk to animal safety and the UAV.

  • Tip: Fly around structures, not over them, to maintain animal safety and prevent damage to the UAV.

Shadows: Extreme light contrasts in and around buildings, making it hard to see animals.

  • Tip: Try multiple camera settings and images to find the right balance.

Animal instinct: Animals may instinctively fear the sound or sight of the UAV.

  • Tip: Keep a close eye on behavior and take measures to acclimate livestock to the UAV’s presence.

Animal Agriculture Examples

multicolor thermal image of cattle in a field
Thermal cameras find cattle

During a sorghum feed trial, the researchers were having trouble with the heifers jumping the..

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cow looking through fence with eartags
Telescopic zoom to read eartags

Animal identification is key in keeping good records on livestock. Reading eartags in the pasture..

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uav drone hovers near a herd of cattle
Livestock reaction to UAV flight

A common concern when working with UAVs around livestock is whether or not the animals will be...

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counting livestock using a stitched image from 300 feet up
Herd inventory

We are counting livestock using a stitched image from 300 feet up...

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multicolor image of cattle grazing patterns in a field
Grazing patterns

A stitched plant-health map of cover crops shows a grazing gradient where patterns are starting...

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overhead shot of cattle water system
Checking water system

Checking this automatic water device by UAV allows a farm manager to remotely and quickly...

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liquid tractor pulled applicator in lagoon
Manure management demos

the bank, but an aerial view can give the operator a new perspective.

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liquid tractor pulled applicator in field
Liquid and dry manure application

Video was collected from above, behind and to the side of each spreader which allows you to see...

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overhead lagoon shot with green algae growth

You can see reduced algae cover from spring to late summer shows as the pond appears clearer.

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