Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology Program

The Purdue Cooperative Extension Service is piloting a UAV Signature Program teaching individuals UAV technology legal requirements, FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test preparation, and useful UAV applications. Every participant will get hands-on experience flying manual and planned UAV flights.

Program Contacts:

Mark Carter or Adam Shanks @ extuav@purdue.edu


You don’t need any previous experience to become a certified pilot, but you must meet certain requirements.

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program topics include: 

  • UAV Introduction
  • Camera Settings
  • Sensors and Artificial Intelligence
  • FAA Part 107 Test Preparation
  • Flight Plans & Record Keeping
  • Free Flight Instructions
  • Planned Flight Instructions
  • Use of third party applications/processing software
  • Data management
  • Image Quality & Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Preparation

As the result of the program…

  • 92% of participants intend to use UAV technology in their professional capacities
  • 100% more aware of the legality and safety protocols associated with UAV technology and understanding applications of the technology.
  • 91% feel more prepared to take the Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot Knowledge Test.
  • 100% of those who have taken the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test passed on their first attempt.
  • 80% feel they will save money by investing in UAVs and will save them time in scouting fields, faster identification of problem areas in their fields, and knowing where to follow up with in-person inspection.

Upcoming UAV Training Programs & Events

upcoming programs: