Mini 4-H In White County

Youth may join Mini 4-H when they enter grade K-2. Mini 4-H'ers enroll in “Mini 4-H” in a 4-H Club for the current 4-H year. Mini 4-H’ers may choose from any of these educational Mini 4-H projects that are offered for the grade the Mini 4-H’er was in during the current year 4-H enrollment period: Animal Poster, Cake Decorating, Collections, Crafts, Flowers, Foods, Forestry, Models, Nature, and Sewing. 

Each Mini 4‑H exhibitor must turn in a single Mini 4‑H project record sheet.  Date and time to be announced in the Official 4‑H Fair Schedule available in June. Each Mini 4‑H'er should have a green & white record folder and a completed "My Record of 4‑H Achievement."

Mini 4-H Projects are judged non-competitively, Mini 4-H'ers may receive feedback on their projects, along with a ribbon, and it will be displayed during the 4-H Fair. 

Mini 4-H members can participate in 4-H club meetings alongside regular 4-H members. There will also be at least one Mini 4-H meeting in the spring just for Mini 4-H members as well as a mini 4-H day camp held in June. Dates for these events will be announced soon. 

Click here for a full list of Mini 4-H requirements

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4-H Educator Molly Childers and the White County Purdue Extension Office are happy to assist with any questions you may have! Head on over to the Indiana 4-H Webpage for step-by-step guides for enrollment!


A Mini 4-H Record Sheet must be turned in for each exhibitor. Only one record sheet is needed regardless of the number of projects exhibited. 

Most Mini 4-H projects no longer require the submission of a project manual. However, these manuals are still a great resources for 4-H members and their families. Click on the desired project below to open the resource manual. 

Creepy Crawlies



Animal Posters 

Cake Decorating







Mini 4-H Animal Lead (Showmanship) Classes 

In addition to the educational Mini 4-H Exhibit Hall projects that your child may choose from,

they also have the option to participate in Mini 4-H Animal Lead (Showmanship) Classes at the
Now that your child is enrolled in Mini 4-H (4HOnline), we would like to bring your attention to
information and updates regarding the Mini 4-H Animal Lead Classes.
FAIRENTRY – By the July 1st deadline, enter your child into each individual Animal Lead
Class that they would like to participate in. ( Entering these
classes by the deadline will allow each barn committee time to prepare for the class prior to
the fair.
Mini 4-H Liability Release Form – A parent or guardian MUST sign this form and submit it to
the Extension Office by the July 1st deadline. *A form must be signed and submitted to the
Extension Office PRIOR to any member participating in any Animal Lead Workshop or event
that is scheduled prior to the fair.
Mini 4-H Lead Animals – Members will not bring their own animals to the fair. Mini
members will use animals of current 4-H members. You will be responsible for finding a
member/family who will allow you to borrow their animal for the class. If you need
assistance in connecting with a family, please reach out to barn committees or contact the
Extension Office prior to the fair.
• Animal Weights – Any animal weighing more than 300 pounds will require the member to
be assisted by an adult. Mini members may work independently with animals weighing
under 300 pounds. *Refer to the Mini 4-H Animal Lead class descriptions and handbook
form complete descriptions.

Mini Lead Class Schedule – Dates and times for Mini Lead Classes will be listed in the 4-H
Fair Schedule that will be released in June.

Mini Animal Lead Workshop 

There will be a Mini Animal Lead Workshop held on
Saturday, May 18th, 10:00 a.m. at the fairgrounds. Families and Mini 4-H'ers can come learn
more about Mini Lead through hands-on experiences and question sessions with livestock
committee members.
To participate in the event:
o All participants must be enrolled in White County Mini 4-H.
o A signed Liability Release Form must be signed prior to participating.
o Members must pre-register for the event at
o A parent or guardian must stay with the child during the entire workshop

Mini Lead Parent Letter

Mini Lead Brochure

Beef Mini Lead Worksheet

Liability Form


Mini 4-H Newsletter

Mini 4-H Newsletter

Mini 4-H
Mini 4-H Newsletter
Mini 4-H Newsletter