Mini 4-H In White County

Youth may join Mini 4-H when they enter grade K-2. Mini 4-H'ers enroll in “Mini 4-H” in a 4-H Club for the current 4-H year. Mini 4-H’ers may choose from any of these educational Mini 4-H projects that are offered for the grade the Mini 4-H’er was in during the current year 4-H enrollment period: Animal Poster, Cake Decorating, Collections, Crafts, Flowers, Foods, Forestry, Models, Nature, and Sewing. 

Each Mini 4‑H exhibitor must turn in a single Mini 4‑H project record sheet.  Date and time to be announced in the Official 4‑H Fair Schedule available in June. Each Mini 4‑H'er should have a green & white record folder and a completed "My Record of 4‑H Achievement."

Mini 4-H Projects are judged non-competitively, Mini 4-H'ers may receive feedback on their projects, along with a ribbon, and it will be displayed during the 4-H Fair. 

Mini 4-H members can participate in 4-H club meetings alongside regular 4-H members. There will also be at least one Mini 4-H meeting in the spring just for Mini 4-H members as well as a mini 4-H day camp held in June. Dates for these events will be announced soon. 

Click here for a full list of Mini 4-H requirements

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4-H Educator Molly Childers and the White County Purdue Extension Office are happy to assist with any questions you may have! Head on over to the Indiana 4-H Webpage for step-by-step guides for enrollment!


A Mini 4-H Record Sheet must be turned in for each exhibitor. Only one record sheet is needed regardless of the number of projects exhibited. 

Most Mini 4-H projects no longer require the submission of a project manual. However, these manuals are still a great resources for 4-H members and their families. Click on the desired project below to open the resource manual. 

Creepy Crawlies



Animal Posters 

Cake Decorating







Mini 4-H Animal Lead (Showmanship) Classes 

  1. Member will exhibit fellow 4-H members’ animal. They will not bring their own animal to the fair.
  2. Parent/guardian of the mini member MUST complete a Mini 4-H Liability Release Form prior to the member’s participation in the class.
  3. Mini 4-H members will be allowed to show, work with, or care for animal projects after their parent or legal guardian has signed a liability release. Mini 4-H members may independently show, work with, or care for animals that weigh 300 pounds or less.
  4. Mini 4-H members may only show, work with, or care for animals over 300 pounds when they are assisted by a parent, legal guardian, or another adult designated in writing by parent or legal guardian. (The word assisted means that the adult has control of the animal at all times.)
  5. If the guidelines stated in this policy are not followed for a particular event or activity, then such event or activity shall not be considered to be a 4-H event or activity and shall not be under the auspices of Extension 4-H educators or covered by Purdue University.

Mini 4-H Beef:

  1. All Mini Beef Lead participants must be a current Mini 4-H member and entered the Mini Beef Lead Class in FairEntry.
  2. Mini 4-H families should work with the beef animal prior to the fair. If you have trouble finding a 4-H beef family to work with prior to the fair, please contact a member of the 4-H beef committee.  Proof of prior practice with the animal will be expected at time of Mini Lead Show.

Mini 4-H Goat

  1. A parent/guardian of the mini member must complete a Mini 4-H Liability Release Form prior to member’s participation in class.

*All completed forms must be submitted to the Goat Project Leader or Committee member by 6:00p.m., the evening prior to the show.

  1. Goat Lead Class will be held between the Pygmy and Meat Goat Shows
  2. Participants must wear close-toed shoes.

Mini 4-H Horse & Pony:

  1. Exhibit a Mini Animal Horse Poster (see above for specific poster size and other requirements) covering one of the following topics:
    1. Favorite breed – Show photos or pictures of your favorite breed and tell why you selected this breed.
    2. How to care for a horse – Feeding, equipment needs, and/or grooming.
    3. Identify the part of a horse.
    4. Showing a horse – the equipment needed to show.
  2. Doing a Mini 4-H Horse Poster qualifies you, if you choose, to show a 4-H member’s horse in a Mini 4-H Showmanship class during the Western Show. You may show in either English or Western Attire.  Approved headgear must be worn.
  3. Mini 4-H Member will use a separate lead rope. The horse will also be led by an adult using another lead rope.
  4. Two workshops for Mini members and their mentors will be held between June 15th and the 4-H Fair. These are not required but are encouraged. A Mini 4-H Liability Release Form must be completed and on file with the White County Extension Office by June 15th.

Mini 4-H Newsletter

Mini 4-H Newsletter

Mini 4-H
Mini 4-H Newsletter
Mini 4-H Newsletter