Taxidermy- County only

  •  4-H’ers are enrolled in the Taxidermy project by grade as follows: Beginner – Grades 3-5; Intermediate – Grades 6-8; Advanced – Grades 9-12.
  •  Exhibitors are encouraged to choose age-appropriate projects and challenge themselves as they advance through the divisions.
  • All specimens must be legally harvested or obtained and must be non-protected species.
  •  The project leader (when an enrolled, approved volunteer is available for this role) may assist exhibitors by providing resources for specimens and/or project supplies/materials.
  •  Exhibitors are encouraged to research applicable federal and state regulations and ask questions before beginning any project.
  •  All posters, notebooks, and display boards must include a reference list indicating where information was obtained, giving credit to the original author, to complete the 4-H member’s exhibit. This reference list should/might include web site links, people and professionals interviewed, books, magazines, etc. It is recommended this reference list be attached to the back of a poster or display board be the last page of a notebook, or included as part of the display visible to the public. A judge is not to discredit an exhibit for the manner in which references are listed.
  • Posters must follow the rules for posters in the White County 4-H Handbook under General Rules: 4-H Exhibits, 4-H Projects Exhibits (Static).
  •  Any member who exhibits a poster must choose a new topic each year.
  • For exhibits other than posters, a card must be attached to the exhibit identifying the species, explaining what was done, and listing the materials used.

Exhibit Options for All Divisions: 

  • Tanned hide
  • Hair-on or hair-off buckskin
  • Item made a tanned hide or buckskin prepared by the exhibitor. This may include apparel, accessories, home décor, etc.
  • Fan mount displayed on wood panel or plaque (mammal, bird, reptile, fish, etc).
  • Poster on a topic related to Taxidermy. (See General Rules: 4-H Exhibits, 4-H Project Exhibits (Static)for general rules regarding poster projects)