Shooting Sports Live fire- County only

  •  Shooting Sports Education (poster project) is eligible for State, learn more about that project here: Shooting Sports State Page

The live fire project is not eligible for state fair. If your child is interested in learning about firearm safety through truly hands-on experience, this may be the project for them! In order to participate in live fire, youth are required to attend 70% of discipline meetings and must complete all safety training. Meetings are held throughout the year in Buffalo and Monon. Only 4-H shooting sports certified adult instructors and/or coordinators will be in charge of meetings and shooting events. 

  • Member’s ammunition fees must be paid by the first live shoot.
  • First year members may choose from archery, air pistol, air rifle and non-scoped rifles-unless proficiency is proven. Second year members are eligible for all disciplines except rim fire pistol. To be eligible for rim fire pistol, member must have completed the seventh grade and one year of shooting sports.
  • Instructor has the right to refuse the use of a personal firearm, if instructor deems it unsafe. Any instructor or coordinator has the right to bar any member from shooting range participation or presence, if their actions are deemed unsafe, including not having knowledge of range rules and procedures. Only 4-H shooting sports members and approved/certified 4-H shooting sports instructors will participate in the live fire 4-H shooting sports activities. Parents, siblings, friends, etc. are not covered by the 4-H insurance policy and are not allowed to participate in live fire activities.
  • All participants are required to provide and wear their own safety protection for eyes and ears at all shooting events. Failure to do so will result in nonparticipation at event.
  • Judging of champions and reserves is based on marksmanship and skills. Ribbons are based on firearms safety and practice.
  • All ammunition used at shooting events will be supplied by the club and issued by certified instructors. DO NOT BRING LIVE AMMUNITION.
  • In order to complete the live fire project, a completed record sheet must be turned in by announced due date. Attendance is not a requirement to
  • Trophy shoots are a privilege intended for members to demonstrate the level of mastery of shooting skills obtained from practice throughout the shooting year. Through regular participation, it is the expectation that members will obtain a working knowledge of range rules and safety procedures prior to participating at the trophy shoot. All members must attend 70% of discipline instructional meetings, turn in record sheet by due date and pass the safety test at 100% to be eligible for the trophy shoot. Those not interested in participating in a trophy shoot may choose to prepare a 4-H shooting sports
    educational display. 
  • Members must be knowledgeable of range rules and follow them explicitly. Any failure to comply with the above safety instructions will result in immediate removal of the offender(s) from further participation in the activity. Parents are asked to attend all sessions where range time is involved. If any members are asked to be dismissed, parents must be present to escort them from the range. Evidence that any member has violated safe handling procedures outside of club activities or has violated Indiana or Federal laws regarding the use of firearms will be treated as above. The arrest of any member for firearms or hunting violations shall be consideration for dismissal.

To learn more about the Shooting Sports Project, call the Purdue Extension- White County Office or reach out to one of the project leaders, found here.