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Purdue Extension's Ag and Natural Resources (ANR) Educators serve as a research based, unbiased information source for county and state constituents on a variety of topics including: crops, ag business, livestock, natural resources, horticulture, small farms, urban ag, pesticide use, and land conservation. In partnership with Purdue University subject matter experts, ANR Extension Educators can provide relevant and proven best management practices to address many client's situational needs.  


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How much fertilizer should I put on my established lawn? Answer
  2. How do I take a soil sample? Answer
  3. Where can I get a soil test done in NE Indiana? <Answer
  4. Where are Private Applicator Recertification Programs (PARP) happening and when? Answer
  5. Where do I find my PARP certifications? Answer
  6. How do you make a compost pile? Answer 
  7. My tree is dying, where do I send in a sample to diagnose it? Answer
  8. I don't want to use glyphosate in my garden, what can I use? Answer (NC Extension)
  9. Where do I find out more information about Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Birds)? Answer
  10. I want to make a rain garden, how do I do that? Answer
  11. A bee swarm has showed up in my yard, who do I call? Answer

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