Pike County Agriculture and Natural Resources


Agri-News Newsletter - Newsletters list information on Field Crops, Livestock, PARP, etc..

Residential Connection Newsletter  - Newsletters list information, events, and tips geared the home, landscaping, lawn, and horticultural interests.  

PARP (Private Applicator Recertification Program) - Farmers Private Applicators

Purdue Agriculture Economics Report - Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rent Report

Indiana Farm Custom Rates

Beef Quality Assurance Certification

Pork Quality Assurance Certification

Master Gardener - Find a class, report volunteer hours, find events, etc.

State Nurseries and Tree Seedling Sales

Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory - The Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory works to diagnose plant diseases and identify insects, plants and weeds and other plant and pest problems.

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Growing Tomatoes FAQs

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Farmers and Drivers are Reminded to Safely Share the Road this Growing Season
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