What is the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program?

All over Indiana, the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program is working to improve community wellness and health equity for all Hoosiers, especially those of us who have the least, through two major offerings: direct education and community wellness initiatives. We partner with local advocates, community organizations, and government agencies to make food and exercise accessible in Indiana.

For more information about the Purdue Extension Nutiriton Education Program, checkout the Eat Gather Go website! https://www.eatgathergo.org


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Trenna Jossart, NEP Advisor


Jessica Martini, Community Wellness Coordinator 


Food Assistance Newsletter

Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program Monthly Newsletter combined with local Purdue Extension Ohio County resources.

July 2024 Newsletter

NEP Advisors

The certified Nutrition Education Program Advisors (NEPAs) offer FREE lessons for children, teens, and adults that can make a healthy difference in their lives.

Online or in-person, our practical, hands-on programs show you how to stretch your food dollars; plan fast, easy and healthy meals; increase physical activity; and more. Best of all, our NEPAs come to you.

Looking for an encouraging and supportive group to help you live your best life? Our Eat Smart, Live Strong program teaches seniors how to make small changes proven to improve health, reduce stress, and increase physical fitness. Classes include trying heart-friendly, delicious recipes and learning new exercises you can do at home.

  • Eat Smart, Live Strong - for Seniors - FREE nutrition and physical activity lessons plus incentives!
    • Held monthly on the 2nd Friday at 10am.
    • Hoosier Boy Apartments - 211 S. Walnut Street RISING SUN IN, 47040


Community Wellness Coordinators

Every community across Indiana faces a challenge to its residents’ wellbeing. Our Community Wellness Coordinators (CWCs) are public health experts who address barriers to healthy living for limited-resource individuals and communities. By partnering with local residents and leaders, CWCs find innovative solutions to health-related challenges that impact nutrition and physical activity. 

With an eye toward sustainability, CWCs collaborate with partners to create policies, improve systems, and encourage environmental changes that improve the health of all members of their communities. We refer to these as “PSE changes” that help make the healthy choice the easy choice in your community.