Description: Youth will learn to care for and show sheep.

State Fair Entries: Any member may exhibit, separate entry required. Be sure to follow appropriate deadlines.

Educational Resources: The Ohio State Resources Hand book 4-H 117R

Activity Guidelines: Livestock Questions, Livestock Record Sheet, and attend appropriate workshops.

Due Date: All record sheets are due by 6pm the evening prior to the show to the superintendent. An animal quality assurance course (YQCA or Purdue’s Course) must be completed at least one week before fair.

Enrollment Requirements: Animals must be enrolled in 4H Online by May 15th.

Training, Document and Health Requirements: Complete Quality Assurance Course, Scrapie ID, Properly identified, Premises ID, 4-H Online enrollment by the appropriate date.

All animals are to be entered in appropriate classes in Fair Entry by the published deadline!


  1. All animals must be healthy at the time of entry to the Newton County Fair to be eligible for exhibition. All animals

must be identified and meet appropriate State Board of Animal Health requirements before unloading at the Newton County Fairgrounds. If there is a question of animal health or well-being, a veterinarian will be called to inspect the animals or facilities in question.

  1. All animals must be enrolled in 4-H online, identified, owned and under the care of the 4-H member by May 15. Registered ewes must be identified by a flock tag number or tattoo. All wethers and non-registered ewes must be individually identified under the supervision of the Superintendent and the Extension Staff at the start of the project. Animals will be identified by RFID tag and county ear tag name. All Commercial ewes going to the State Fair must be identified with a county ear tag.
  2. Market lambs and ewe lambs must have been dropped after September 1 of the previous year.
  3. Lambs being shown in the ewe class cannot be shown in the market lamb class.
  4. Purebred ewe classes will be shown by birth dates and not by weights.
  5. Purebred ewes entries will be sifted for breed character by committee member at time of entry. Registration papers are welcome but not required.  To be eligible for the Indiana State Fair registration will be required for purebred ewes.
  6. Third year and above Sheep members are encouraged to show in at least one breeding class.
  7. Market lambs will be weighed and will show by weight. Appropriate weight classes will be determined by the Superintendent.
  8. There must be at least two (2) lambs in a class to make up a class. If less than two (2) lambs in a class, the lambs will be placed in other appropriate classes, under supervision of the Sheep Committee and Superintendent.
  9. Any artificial means of conditioning animals such as ice packs, chemicals, water, air, drugs, etc. may not be used. Members will be eliminated from the show.
  10. All 4-H Sheep may be checked for identification by a county RFID tag during the county fair.
  11. Members in Level 3, grades 9, 10, 11, 12, have the option of presenting or helping with a sheep workshop instead of completing project manual guidelines. Arrange in advance with Superintendent.
  12. Weigh-in will be held upon entry.
  13. Suggested Showmanship Class Breaks – Sheep members will be divided equally into 3 classes by grades. Sr. Showmanship (9-12 grade), Int. Showmanship (6-8 grade), and Jr. Showmanship (3-5 grade). When signing up to enter the showmanship contest, the 4-Her must select the appropriate grade level. The superintendent will determine the break in class size. The winners in each class will show for the Champion Showman Award. (Past winners will re-enter their appropriate age class each year). All participating members must show their own animals.
  14. 4-H exhibitors may receive clipping and grooming assistance from members of their immediate family (father, mother, siblings), legal guardian, grandparents, aunts/uncles, step-mother/step-father, a current Newton County 4-H member,  an approved Newton County 4-H volunteer, and from those individuals enrolled in the Indiana 4-H Approved Animal Grooming Assistance Program.


Scramble Sheep Rules

  1. Only mini sheep members and interested 4Hers grades 3-7 that have never shown sheep may participate in the Scramble.
  2. A permission form must be filled out by a parent prior to the scramble.
  3. Scramble Sheep participants must have an appropriate place to house the lamb once it is in their possession.
  4. The winner of the Scramble Class will be allowed to sell the lamb in the auction.



 Breeds Available
Natural Color
All other breeds

Classes Available:

  • Yearling Ewe
  • Ewe Lamb
  • Pair of Ewes
  • Grand Champion Ewes Class
  • Mini 4-H
  • Scramble Lamb
  • Market Lamb Breeds
  • Grand Champion Market Class
  • Showmanship
  • Lead
  • Costume
  • Tom Dawson Award
  • Pair of Market Lambs

SHEEP POSTERS: Members may exhibit educational poster in addition to or in place of live animal. See Animal Education Project guidelines.


The Ohio State Resources Hand book 4-H 117R