Mini Horse & Pony

EXHIBIT: 2nd Grade: One horse or pony or one 22” x 28” poster with 5 pictures that include you and your animal and/or a related topic. Examples include: housing, feeding, care, showmanship, etc. See the “4-H Poster and Notebook Requirements” section for more information.

General Instructions:

  1. All horses and ponies must be owned or leased by 4-Her or family member (no stallions) by May 15 of current year.
  2. Mini 4-H members exhibiting horses must wear ASTM or SEI standard F1163 (or above) certified helmets whenever mounted. The parent/guardian is responsible to see that this specified headgear is properly fitted with the approved harness in place and fastened whenever a rider is mounted or driving. Original tags must be present in all approved helmets.
  3. The Mini 4-Her will learn about the care, housing, health, feeding and grooming of a horse.
  4. Mini member should attend at least 1 county Horse & Pony event (a meeting or a clinic).
  5. The following classes are available:
    1. Showmanship
    2. Costume Class
    3. Halter
    4. Western Pleasure
    5. Barrels
    6. Pole Bending
    7. Lead-line
  6. Mini Classes will be conducted at the county fair with the 4-H Horse and Pony Show (specific times will be announced). Classes offered to 2nd grade mini 4-Her’s are subject to change.
  7. Suitable attire must be worn in all classes (including boots and helmet).
  8. All health requirements for horse and pony will apply.
  9. Mini Horse and Pony animals must be in place (stall) by 8:00 a.m. on day of show and will be released following the show (but can remain at the fairgrounds if the 4-Her chooses).
  10. A mini 4-H liability Release form must be completed and returned to the extension office before the start of the show.