Mini Goats

EXHIBIT: 2nd Grade: One goat or one 22” x 28” poster with 5 pictures that include you and your animal and/or a related topic. Examples include: housing, feeding, care, showmanship, etc. See the “4-H Poster and Notebook Requirements” section for more information. 

Exhibit Guidelines:

  1. All health regulations regarding goats for exhibition will apply.
  2. Mini goats will come the day of the show and may be released following the show. If you choose to stay for the duration of the fair, superintendents must know prior to fair so pen space is available. If you choose to stay, the goat may not go home early.
  3. All Mini goat members should attend a workshop on caring for goats.
  4. Mini Goat members may show a goat that belongs to another member of their immediate family as long as that animal is properly enrolled at the county fair. It can be a dairy, pygmy, or meat doe or wether.
  5. In some cases, there may be a child who really wants to show a goat, but, goat is not available to them. These cases will be taken care of on an individual basis. Contact Scott and Maureen for guidance on this issue.