Mini Gift Wrap

EXHIBIT: One empty square or rectangular box wrapped with purchased paper and decorated with purchased bow.

Exhibit Guidelines:

  1. Lay the box you are wrapping upside down on the wrapping paper. If the paper has a pattern or printed message, make sure the design is centered on the box so that it shows to best advantage.
  2. Estimate the amount of paper required to go completely around the box and overlap it by 2-4”. Paper should extend at the ends no more than ¾ the depth of the box.
  3. Lap one edge of paper over the other and tape in place.
  4. Beginning on one end, fold the top flap down toward the center. The side flaps are then folded toward the center and finally the bottom flap is brought up and taped in place.
  5. Repeat this procedure on the other end. Be sure that the paper is kept tight.
  6. Complete your package with a bow and/or ribbon.
  7. During the year, practice wrapping 2 or 3 square or rectangular boxes with purchased wrapping paper.