Mini Dog Obedience

EXHIBIT: 2nd Grade: One dog, at least six months old by county fair or one 22” x 28” poster with 5 pictures that include you and your animal and/or a related topic. Examples include: housing, feeding, care, showmanship, etc. See the “4-H Poster and Notebook Requirements” section for more information.

Exhibit Guidelines:

  1. Mini 4-Her will learn about the care, housing, health, grooming, and socialization of a dog.
  2. A folder of project information will be provided at the Dog Obedience Orientation held in the spring for all Dog Obedience and Mini Dog Obedience members.
  3. All 4-H dogs must have a Certification of Vaccination (4-H 671), signed by a licensed, accredited veterinarian indicating the dog has been vaccinated for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies, bortella (kennel cough) and parvovirus all within one year of exhibiting at the county fair. The Certificate must accompany all 4-H dogs at all training sessions, and the Dog Obedience Show.
  4. 4-H member may share a dog for meetings and show. A dog being shown in the dog project must belong to the exhibitor or to a member of the immediate family or household.  Dogs may only be shown by the 4-H member, their sibling, or their parent from May 15 through the Dog Show.  Exhibition by any other individual makes the dog ineligible for State Fair exhibition.
  5. Dogs must wear a well-fitted slip, buckle, or martingale collar made of leather, fabric, or chain. Exception: Gentle leader collars may be worn at training but are not allowed at the Dog Obedience Show at the fair. The leash may be of fabric or leather and shall be six feet in length. All grooming supplies are the responsibility of the 4-H member. Dogs will not be permitted to participate in training or showing events if not accompanied by the proper equipment.  Financial assistance may be available for proper dog equipment.  Please contact Superintendent.
  6. To learn training techniques and specific exercises, Mini members and their dogs should attend 4 training sessions and the Dog Obedience Orientation workshop for all members. Attendance at any additional training sessions is welcomed.
  7. Mini Dog will be part of the Dog Obedience Show at the fair.
  8. Exhibitors should appear neat and well-groomed. Dress guidelines and appropriate clothing will be discussed during training.