Mini Cats

EXHIBIT: 2nd Grade: One cat or one 22” x 28” poster with 5 pictures that include you and your animal and/or a related topic. Examples include: housing, feeding, care, showmanship, etc. See the “4-H Poster and Notebook Requirements” section for more information.

Exhibit Guidelines:

  1. Members may own or share a cat for show.
  2. Kittens must be 4-8 months old; cats are 8 months or older.
  3. There are 3 pieces of required “paperwork.” Several weeks before the fair, you will receive Cat Show information in the mail. Included in this mailing will be a Cat Show Class Card, which you need to complete and return to the Superintendent or the Extension Office one week prior to the Show so the various classes can be planned. Certification of Vaccination (4-H 777), signed by the veterinarian administering them, must accompany your cat to the Cat Show. Also bring a close-up photo of you and your cat to the Cat Show. This is for display at the fair, since cats are taken home after the Show.
  4. Cats must be free of fleas, fungus, ear mites, parasites, or other communicable diseases. The Vaccination Certificate states that “Cats will be examined by a veterinarian (or vet tech) at the time of exhibition.  Any sign of a communicable disease will result in cat being sent home.”
  5. For the 4-H Cat Show, bring the cat in a suitable cage or pet carrier with kitty litter included. All cats must wear a collar.  The exhibitor is responsible for providing water and grooming aids.
  6. Carry cat to the show table at the 4-H Cat Show. Prior to and during the Show, cats should be removed from carriers only for grooming or judging. Cats must be on a leash when not caged.
  7. Members should be able to discuss basic cat care with the judge.
  8. Mini members may participate in the cat carrier decoration exhibit, described in the 4-H Cats project description in the Periscope.
  9. Take cat home immediately following the Cat Show.