County Project: Small Animals

Description: Youth will learn how to care for a small animal and information about their small animal. Small Animals suitable for exhibit in this project are household pets normally housed in a cage or aquarium. These include, but are not limited to, birds, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and rats.

State Fair Entry: None

Project Guidelines:

  1. Animal(s) must be brought in their own cage/aquarium and will not be removed from cage except by judge. Members will furnish any necessary supplies. Animals will return home immediately following judging.
  2. Bring only the animals you have enrolled as your 4-H project to the Small Animals judging.
  3. Change of animal(s) due to illness or death must be approved by project leader.
  4. Judging criteria: animal’s general health and appearance; cleanliness, grooming; handling (by judge); 4-Her’s knowledge of the animal.
  5. If you are unable to be present for judging, you may write a one-page (double spaced) report about your pet, including any knowledge you have about the species.
  6. Follow 4-H Poster Guidelines on page 15 and 16 of the Periscope.

Level 1 Exhibit one or two animals of the same species.

Level 2 Exhibit 1) One or two animals of the same species; and 2) a 22" x 28" poster on "Housing," "Proper Nutrition," or "Disease."

Level 3 Exhibit one of the following: 1) Mother, offspring, and 22" x 28" poster on "Breeding," "Raising," or "Selling" animals; or 2) Offspring you bred and raised the previous year and related 22" x 28" poster; or 3) Animal and educational display in an area you have not previously done. Develop your display on any topic covered in the Level 3 manual. (Use a trifold “Science Fair” style display and be sure to include photographs.


Pets 1: Pet Pals (BU-6359)

Pets 2: Scurrying Ahead (BU-6360)

Pets 3: Scaling the Heights (BU-6361)