County Project: Ceramics

Description: Youth will learn to construct a ceramic and learn several techniques. All arts and craft exhibits must include a 4-H Craft Information Card, 4-H 618A

State Fair Entries: Newton County project, but 1 entry will be exhibited as Arts and Crafts, General.

Exhibit Guidelines:

  1. All pieces must be paid for in full before judging.
  2. Objects must be well-cleaned.
  3. All seams must be smooth with no rough edges.
  4. All exhibits must be ready for use. Bottoms must be finished.
  5. Animal nose and toenails will not count as a color if in Black only. Eyes may be Black, plus a second color for the iris.
  6. In under glazing, all shades of a color count as one (1) color. For example, dark blue, medium blue, and light blue are all shades of blue and count as one color, not three (3).
  7. You must complete Division 1 before advancing to the upper divisions regardless of your age when beginning.
  8. If you win Champion or Reserve Champion in your division you MUST advance to the next division. If you do not win Division Champion or Reserve Champion, you may stay in the same division for 2 years only.
  9. All ceramic items should be dated by scratching the month and year on the bottom of the greenware. 
  • Division 1: Glaze a simple article using a one color glaze. Exhibit one glazed article. Example would be animal with color in eyes or nose.
  • Division 2: Stain a fired article. Use no dry brushing or other advanced technique. Exhibit article.
  • Division 3: Stain and then antique a fired article. Use no dry brushing or other advanced technique. Exhibit article.
  • Division 4 and Above (Advanced): Select any combination of the following techniques. Each year use a different combination than you have selected before. On a 3" x 5" index card, write the techniques used and what you have learned. Cards will be collected after judging by Project Leader.
  1.  Stained or glazed article using artificial snow g. Air brushing  
  2. Fired decals h. Clay lifting
  3. Modified greenware i. Chalks 
  4. Dry brushing j. Scrafiti (etching Design on greenware then paint design)
  5. Translucent stains with glazes k. Any other technique approved by project leader or Extension Educator
  6. Translucents
  7. Overglazes, Gold firing and mother-of-pearl