Country project: baskets

Description: The intent of the basket project is to keep learning new techniques each year and to gradually increase the level of difficulty.  All arts and craft exhibits must include a 4-H Craft Information Card, 4-H 618A.

State Fair Entries: Newton County project, but 1 entry will be exhibited as Arts and Crafts, General.

 Exhibit Guidelines:

Level 1 (Grades 3-4)

Grade 3 – Exhibit a square basket with no handles showing the basic over and under technique and a simple lashed rim.  Twining around the base is optional.  Colored reed could be used.  Example: Bread Basket, Muffin Basket, Fruit Basket.  Guidelines: Minimum size: 5”x5” square.  Weaving Technique: over/under ONLY.

Grade 4 – Exhibit a rectangle basket with handle.  Twining could be used to show more difficulty.  Example: Apple Basket, Market Basket. Guidelines:  Minimum size: 5”x6”.  Weaving Technique: over/under, twining, and triple twining.

Level 2 (Grades 5-6)

This should be an advanced basket showing greater degree of difficulty.  This basket will use the basic basket-making techniques used in years 1-3 along with the addition of one different technique.

Grade 5 – Exhibit a round bottom basket with or without handle. Example: Susie’s Basket, Kelly’s Gathering, fancy Fruit Basket, Fold Art Basket.  Guidelines: Minimum of 6” diameter.  Weaving

Techniques: twining (base) and over/under (walls). Curls and triple twining for added detail or optional.

Grade 6 – Exhibit a ribbed melon basket with a wrapped or braided handle.

Level 3 (Grades 7-8)

Grade 7 – Exhibit a basket with a “cats head” base.

Grade 8 – Exhibit a basket using twill weaving for a base and walls.

Level 4 (Grades 9-12)

It is encouraged to combine multiple techniques, to make your own weaving variations, to make your own basket pattern, to purposely alter an original pattern, and /or use uncommon weaving materials.  Baskets will be judged by degree of difficulty as well as quality of work. Baskets should be made using one advanced weaving technique not previously used in years past.