4-H Poultry Club

About Us

The 4-H Poultry Project provides youth a fun and hands-on learning experience that develops life skills, as well as teaches valuable information about properly caring for their birds. Subjects such as such as general care, nutrition housing, and health care are presented in the curricular materials, through workshops and activities such as poultry judging, and in preparation of an exhibit. Youth also have the opportunity to develop responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communication skills.


2024 Lawrence County 4-H Fair dates are set! Find out more here. Please be aware that all dates are subject to change. 



Roger Dotts, Club Leader 




Committee Members

  • Terri Box
  • Dawn Harris
  • Elizabeth Ritter
  • Rachel Leaneagh
  • Kyle Atkinson

Meeting Location, Dates, & Times

*All meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month at the Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds, Expo Hall at 7pm, unless stated otherwise.


 Topic of Discussion

  19 February   TBA
  18 March   TBA
  15 April   TBA
  20 May   TBA
  7 & 8 June   Blood Testing 
  22 June   Barn Cleaning- Rules of Fair: Poultry Barn @10am

 *Committee Members will meet at 6:30pm, prior to the club meeting. 


May 15- Project Add/Drop Date

Fairentry-Opens May TBA: Animals identified and class selection

Relevant Details

All birds MUST be blood tested and banded on blood testing day at the fairgrounds.

Friday, June 7: 5pm-8pm

Saturday, June 8: 10am-5pm

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Download a copy of the 4-H Poultry Club's meeting reminder postcard here.