Mini 4-H

Mini 4-H is 4-H programs for youth in grades K-2. Mini 4-H is geared towards activity-based learning and age-appropriate curriculum. Most LaPorte County 4-H clubs offer Mini 4-H programming and if they do not, sign up as a Mini 4-Her and join us monthly for our Mini Monday Events.


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What is mini 4-h?

The Mini 4-H program is geared toward activity-based learning. Curriculum is based on age-appropriate research and involves cooperative, experiential, and non-competitive activities. Mini 4-H'ers have the opportunity to attend club meetings with other youth their age.

Who can be in mini 4-h?

Youth in grades K-2 are eligible for Mini 4-H. A Mini 4-H'er must be in Kindergarten, grade 1, or grade 2 for the enrollment period that starts October 1st of the current 4-H program year.

How do I join mini 4-H?

Visit our 4-H enrollment page for information about how to join. The enrollment period for Mini 4-H begins October 1 each year. There is a $5 enrollment fee for Mini 4-H.

When do mini 4-H'ers meet?

Some clubs around the county host meetings specifically for Mini 4-H, and some welcome Mini's to join their regular club meetings. See our LaPorte County 4-H clubs page to find out more information about clubs near you. Please note that Mini 4-Her's are not required to attend meetings, however there are numerous LaPorte County 4-H Clubs that welcome Minis. There are also Mini Mondays workshops they can attend!

Can Mini 4-H'ers exhibit at the fair?

Yes, Mini 4-H'ers are encouraged to exhibit their projects at the LaPorte County Fair. However, Mini projects are for exhibition only (not judged). Mini 4-H'ers can bring 3 projects and participate in as many activities as they would like, including showing livestock. 

Mini Project Ideas

Mini 4-H'ers can participate in any LaPorte County 4-H project except shooting sports and Horse & Pony. All project guidelines found on our website have a special section for Mini 4-H. Some of the most popular Mini project activities are:

  • Arts & Crafts: Learn how to make different types of arts and crafts and exhibit a craft you made.
  • Collections: Learn about collecting items and how to display them.
  • Dinosaurs: Learn about how dinosaurs lived long ago. Make a poster about your favorite dino or a dino diorama.
  • Foods: Learn kitchen basics and prepare simple foods.
  • Gardening: Learn how to care for your flower garden. Exhibit a poster with photos of your garden or flowers cut from your garden.
  • Models: Learn about models and the different ways to make them.
  • My Pet & Me: Exhibit a poster or scrapbook about your pet or create a poster explaining the responsibilities of caring for your pet.
  • Photography: Capture some of your favorites and share your best pictures with us.
  • Sewing: Learn sewing concepts and practice sewing skills. Exhibit a scrapbook, group quilt, or activity.
  • Sun, Stars & Space: Learn what it would be like to be an astronaut. Make a poster, scrapbook, homemade rocket, star constellation, poem, or activity.
  • Trees: Learn about the parts of trees and what they do.
  • Wearable Art: Learn techniques like painting, tie dying, applique, or others that decorates the finished project. Decorate an article of clothing, accessory or tote bag.
  • Wildlife: Learn about the different wildlife groups.

MINI Livestock Projects

Mini 4-H'ers must borrow an animal owned by another 4-H member (excludes poultry and rabbits). The animal must be registered and entered by a currently enrolled 4-H member in current year's fair. You will be allowed to exhibit one animal per species, Advance fair entries are required for ALL Mini livestock shows in FairEntry by June 14.

  • Mini Dairy
  • Mini Goats
  • Mini Miniature Equine
  • Mini Poultry
  • Mini Rabbit
  • Mini Sheep
  • Mini Swine

Mini 4-H Activities

  • Mini Mondays: Once a month, minis get together to make projects and meet new friends.
  • Mini 4-H Day Camp: A day full of adventure
  • Bike Rodeo: Come learn about Bike Safety and ride your bike through our safety course. Usually takes place in June.
  • Pedal Tractor Pull: A fun activity that takes place during the fair in the Livestock Arena. Advance fair entries are required to participate.
  • Pet Parade: Usually takes place the night of Mini 4-H project check-in.

Mini 4-H Guide

Mini 4-H Guide

View the Mini 4-H Guide
View the Mini 4-H Guide
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