About 4-H Clubs

A 4-H Club is a group of young people that meet regularly, usually once a month, to learn together and build friendships. Clubs are organized by adult volunteer club leaders and include family involvement throughout the year. Clubs provide a safe space for young people to learn, grow, and thrive through hands-on activities and projects, community service events, leadership opportunities, and more!

4-H members can be in one or as many clubs as they wish! LaPorte County has both general community-based clubs and special interest clubs (clubs that focus on specific projects as a group, such as dogs or gardening). If you are interested in a project or topic that has a special interest club, we recommend that you enroll in that club.

How to Join

Start by contacting the club leader of a club that interests you using the contact information listed below. Once you've decided on a club you'd like to join, enroll in 4-H Online and choose that club when prompted.

If you're not sure, contact the LaPorte County 4-H office for help getting placed with a club.

Need help?

Contact the LaPorte County 4-H office:


Find a 4-H Club Near You

Use the map below to find a club that fits your interests, works with your schedule, and meets near your home or school. Then use the club leader contact information provided to get more information about checking out an upcoming club meeting!


Currently Active 4-H Clubs in laporte County

General Interest Clubs

These community-based clubs focus on a range of 4-H projects and activities, and are open to all young people in LaPorte County.
  • Cass Champions 4-H Club - Michelle Dyjak (phone: 219-508-0486) and Renee Rudolph (phone: 219-508-7612)
  • Cass Merrymakers 4-H Club - Andrea Mitzner (phone: 219-575-2721)
  • Coolspring Champion 4-H Club - Elizabeth Snapp-Otero (phone: 219-561-8244)
  • Dewey Advancers 4-H Club - Vern & Sherrie Schafer (phone: 219-754-2329)
  • Hanna-Noble 4-H Club - Chase Grott (phone: 269-612-0363) and Joan Grott (phone: 765-412-2621)
  • Hudson Hustlin' Helpers 4-H Club - Anita Smith (phone: 574-220-1077)
  • Johnson Prairie Farmers 4-H Club - Ruth Lile (phone: 574-910-0107) and Jon Smith (phone: 574-298-9490)
  • Just Horse'n Around 4-H Club - Debbie Sajdera (phone: 219-545-2693) and Tiffany McKeague (phone: 219-293-3208)
  • Kankakee Hustlin' Hoosiers 4-H Club - Eric Pointon (phone: 219-608-5745 and Jill Pointon (phone: 219-608-5744
  • Kankakee Ranchers 4-H Club - Amy Frazier (phone: 219-608-4896) 
  • Kankakee Shelby 63 4-H Club - Angie Rose (phone: 219-608-4373)
  • LaPorte City Firestars 4-H Club - Rebecca Stimley-Tomich (phone: 219-363-1154) 
  • LaPorte City Helping Hands - Andrea Curtis Mansfield (phone: 219-393-0135)
  • Lincoln Hotshots - Julie MacLeod (phone: 574-656-3535), Paula Dicus (phone: 219-851-5305) and Susan Bannwart (phone: 219-608-8752)
  • New Durham 95'ers 4-H Club - Kim James (phone: 219-363-5353) and Tracey Stalbrink (phone: 219-309-4165) 
  • Pleasant Clovers 4-H Club - Jennifer Lambert (phone: 219-608-8962), Dana Surowiec (phone: 219-608-9292) and Kirsten Lambert (219-851-1238)
  • Pleasant Pals 4-H Club - Nancy Williamson (phone: 219-369-9314) and Shasta Antrim (phone: 219-851-3082)
  • Scipio Sensations 4-H Club - Cindy Ault (phone: 219-362-6394) and Joyce Marhanka (phone: 219-363-9402) 
  • Springfield Country Cousins 4-H Club - Pamela Mark (phone: 219-369-3681) and Roxy Thomas (219-898-3995
  • Springfield Hoosier Rebels 4-H Club - Cindy Browning (phone: 219-575-0564) and Heather Kessler (phone: 219-608-0287)
  • Wills Future Leaders 4-H Club - Janice Pickett (phone: 219-778-4811) and Johanna Pickett (phone: 219-608-1045)

Special Interest Clubs

These specialty clubs focus on a specific 4-H project or topic, and are open to all young people in LaPorte County


  • E-Z Riders Horse & Pony Club
  • Happy Hounds 4-H Club - Melissa Stone  (phone: 219-608-8603) and Nancy Kohout (phone: 219-575-2547)
  • LaPorte County 4-H Dairy Club - Pam Ekovich (phone: 219-608-1620) and April Baima (219) 575-4729
  • LaPorte County 4-H Horse Judging Team - Kristy Chambers (phone: 574-876-4316)
  • LaPorte County Junior Leaders 4-H Club - Jill Wozniak (phone: 219-229-0888) and Monica Baugh (phone: 219-809-5943)
  • Union Township Tigers SPARK 4-H Club - Mindy Heidel (phone: 337-842-3882) and Stephanie  Jones (phone: 219-393-4334)
  • WagonMaster 4-H Club (Draft Horses) - Connie Trojanowski (phone: 219-608-1284) and Chad Mrozinski (phone: 574-532-2908)