Model Tractor Pull

This is an engineering and design project which you will start with a metal 1/16th scale toy
tractor and add a motor, gearbox and rubber tires to create a scale size pulling tractor. All members must complete at least one (1) year in the beginner (electric) and one (1) year in the intermediate (fuel) Pro-Stock class before being able to exhibit in the advanced division regardless of your grade in school. For example: All first year members must exhibit as beginners (electric) regardless of grade. Second year members in grades 6-12 will exhibit as intermediates. The earliest you may exhibit in the advanced division is your third year in the project regardless of your grade in school. In addition, because of the expense and complexity of converting to the fuel powered classes, members of all grades will be able to continue to participate and complete the project with an electric powered tractor which follows the beginner division requirements even if they are registered as intermediate or advanced.  Advancement to fuel power will be at the discretion of the member. However, members who choose to continue to participate in the electric class while registered for intermediate or advanced divisions will not be eligible for the Champion/Grand Champion electric placing. Champion and Grand Champion of the beginner division will be available only to those registered in the beginner division. All posters, notebooks, and display boards must include a reference list indicating where information was obtained, giving credit to original author.

PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT: Rodney & Tasha Rulon, 317-694-6741, 

Notebooks Sunday, July 14, 4-6 PM
1/16th Model Tractor Monday, July 22, 9 AM

Notebooks Monday, July 15, 8:30 AM, Closed Judging
1/16th Model Tractor Monday, July 22, 9:30 AM, Open Judging

RELEASE: Immediately following judging

STATE FAIR ENTRIES: No entries, County project only


Project Resources

Record Sheet is part of Project Manual (see Resources)