Nutrition Education Program

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Lindsey Cox, Community Wellness Coordinator

Carol Pierson, Nutrition Education Program Advisor 

The Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program (NEP) works to improve the nutrition and health of audiences with limited resources in Indiana. We offer two major initiatives to communities, free of charge.


Nutrition Education/SNAP-Ed

Our NEP Advisors provide free nutrition education to youth and adults through schools and a variety of community groups.


Community Wellness Coordinators

Our Community Wellness Coordinators help make the healthy choice the easy choice. They collaborate with community partners on broader community change that involves policy, system and environmental changes.


5 focus areas of NEP
  • Nutrition
  • Food safety

  • Food security (hunger)

  • Physical activity

  • Food resource management (stretching food dollars)

Target audiences

  • SNAP/EFNEP recipients

  • Individuals with limited resources (youth, seniors, singles, homeless, migrants, families, single parents)

  • Schools with 50% or more free and reduced lunch

  • Communities with high poverty rates


The Nutrition Education Program has existed in Indiana since 1994 as a part of Purdue Extension. We’re funded by two federal funding streams:

  1. SNAP-Ed, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education Division

  2. EFNEP, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program


What is SNAP-Ed?

SNAP-Ed is the nutrition education component of the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It helps people with limited resources eat smart and move more. 

To learn more and to find healthy tips and recipes, visit the NEP website at!