4-H Poultry Project

Learn proper nutrition, housing and healthcare for your poultry.

Participate at the show with the following:

  • Eggs
  • Chickens
  • Duck
  • Turkeys
  • Geese

There is also a workbook required to complete this project.

important 2023 project dates
  • May 15
    • Deadline to enroll poultry for State Fair
  • May 15
    • Birds must be owned and cared for by 4-H Member
      • Exception: Meat Bird Hybrids (ex. Cornish Cross)
  • June 15
    • Meat Bird Hybrids must be owned and cared for by 4-H Member



  • Each 4-H member will need to turn in a record sheet
  • Member must complete 3 activities from the project manual to complete the poultry project for the year
  • Grade is based on the grade you were in when you enrolled in 4-H for the 2023 year
  • If you exhibit an animal poster project you need to complete the General 4-H Record Sheet and turn it in at judging check-in in order to have your poster judged (this is required even if you plan to exhibit an animal in that project at the county fair)