4-H Llama and Alpaca Craft Project

Youth may exhibit any art or craft using llama or alpaca fiber.

Exhibitors should be considerate of space. Exhibits too large to safely move or requiring lots of space
should be exhibited using photographs and a description of work in a notebook.

All arts and craft exhibits must include a 4-H Craft Information Card, 4-H 618A. This information card is to
describe work completed so the judge can more accurately evaluate the exhibit. Craft information cards are
for judging purposes only and will not be returned to the exhibitor.

If multiple pieces make up the exhibit, a photograph of the complete exhibit should be attached to the exhibit so the total exhibit can properly be displayed. For safety purposes any craft exhibit that resembles a
sword, knife, or look-a-like weapon will be judged but will not be displayed.

Judges evaluating exhibits should recognize individual differences and creativity, therefore using information in this document as a guide rather than a requirement.

Exhibit Class Guidelines

Beginner (grades 3-5):

Create and exhibit one age/grade appropriate artwork

Intermediate (grades 6-8):

Create and exhibit one age/grade appropriate artwork

Advanced (grades 9-12):

Create and exhibit one age/grade appropriate artwork