4-H Latch Hook Project

Exhibits must be finished and ready to use. All craft articles that are framed will be required to have a dust cover on the back and must be ready to hang. Only one article per 4-H member per year (unless a set) will be exhibited.


The article will be judged on the quality of the latched worked as well as creativity in design and finish. However, the 4-Her is not responsible for completing the actual finish of their exhibit. For example, framing a picture, sewing on a pillow backing, attaching a rug binding, etc.

This project will be divided into:

  • Beginner (3rd - 5th)
  • Intermediate (6th - 8th)
  • Advanced (9th - 12th)

Examples of articles:

Wall hangings, rugs, bench covers, pillows, stuffed animals, school insignias, etc.

Exhibit Class Guidelines


Exhibit must be a minimum of 144 square inches in size


Exhibit must be a minimum of 225 square inches in size


Exhibit must be a minimum of 320 square inches in size

Creativity and originality are encouraged at all levels. To find the size of your exhibit in square inches, multiply the width of the latched area by the height of the latched area.

Craft record sheet: A completed crafts record sheet is to be submitted with the project exhibit at check-in time. 

Craft Information Card: 4-H 618a-W should be attached to the article (or set) using tape, string, safety pin, or another suitable means for the project at hand. Both front and back side of the card may be used (if needed). Card can be hand written or typed.