4-H Entomology Project

All posters, notebooks, and display boards must include a reference list indicating where information was obtained, giving credit to the original author, to complete the 4-H member’s exhibit. This reference list should/might include web site links, people and professionals interviewed, books, magazines, etc. It is recommended this reference list be attached to the back of a poster or display board, be the last page of a notebook, or included as part of the display visible to the public. A judge is not to discredit an exhibit for the way references are listed.
Posters are to be 22” x 28” and displayed horizontally and placed in a clear plastic sleeve or covered with clear plastic to protect contents. Display boards should be designed to sit on a table using no more than 36” of tabletop space. Space should be left in the lower right hand corner to place an exhibit tag provided by Purdue Extension staff.
Judges evaluating exhibits should recognize individual differences and creativity, therefore using information in this document as a guide rather than a requirement. Members must complete and turn in a Record Sheet and a Project Manual in order to exhibit the project.. Each 4-H member shall be required to complete at least three (3) activities in the Project Manual, in accordance with general guidelines 4b. The project manual is to be turned in with the project exhibit at project check-in.

Collection Exhibit Guidelines

Collections are to include the following:

  • Title as Insect Collection year in Entomology
  • Order – refer to ID-401, page 57
  • Display – mounted insects are to have been legally and personally collected in the United States and displayed in an 18”x24” collection box displayed horizontally. Collections including multiple boxes are to be numbered 1 of 3, etc. ID 401 A-F cards (for Beginner and Intermediate) and 401-I cards (for Advanced) are to be placed inside the display box in an attractive manner
  • Identification – Collection display boxes are expected to contain the specified number of insects, families, and orders specified (see chart below). All insects must be in the adult stage and be properly mounted on insect pins or be contained in vials as directed
  • Pin Labels - Each pin or vial must contain two labels
    • Top label is to include collection date, location, and collector name
    • Bottom label is to include common name and other optional identification data
    • Box Labels – Box labels (computer generated or neatly printed) are used for orders and families as required (see chart below) and are to be placed flat against the bottom of the box. Insects must be properly grouped directly under the correct order and family label. For example, all insects belonging to a particular order must be placed under that order label. Orders to be used are listed in the reference book ID- 401. If family level identification is required, the insects should be further grouped together under the correct family label
  • Educational Box – One additional box (educational), based on the specific theme (see chart below), is required for grades 9-12, in addition to the insect collection boxes. This box can be created in any manner chosen (without the mounting, pinning or identifying restrictions specified above)

Judges evaluating collection exhibits should judge based on educational content, scientific accuracy, eye appeal and creativity.

Beginner (1st-3rd Year in Entomology):

Create a collection based on the year in Entomology or an educational exhibit


Intermediate (4th-6th Year in Entomology):

Create a collection based on the year in Entomology or an educational exhibit


Advanced (7th-10th Year in Entomology):

Create a collection based on the year in Entomology or an educational exhibit. Advanced level insect collections are to also include an education box, for a total of four boxes. Advanced level youth may instead create an independent study topic of choice


Quick Links

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