4-H Construction and Architectural Replica Project

Exhibits can include farm scenes, town models, building replicas, or similar items and can be constructed from building blocks (Legos), erector sets, or other materials. The product should be constructed to scale as much as possible.

Consider adding a clear cover to protect the exhibit while being displayed to the public. This exhibit will most likely be displayed on an 8’ long table top with two or three exhibits per table.

Exhibit will consist of a suitable display no larger than 2’x3’. Exhibits larger than this should be exhibited using photographs and a description of work in a notebook.

All arts and craft exhibits must include a 4-H Craft Information Card, 4-H 618A. This information card is to describe work completed so the judge can more accurately evaluate the exhibit. Craft information cards are for judging purposes only and will not be returned to the exhibitor.

If an exhibitor is concerned about their creation being damaged while on display, they should consider constructing a clear plastic cover to encase the exhibit. Judges evaluating exhibits should recognize individual differences and creativity, therefore using information in this document as a guide rather than a requirement.