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INWork - INnovate, INvest, INspire - Skills for Tomorrow's Workforce program

June 14, 2017
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The purpose of Purdue Extension’s INWork – INnovate, INvest, INspire – Skills for Tomorrow’s Workforce program is teaching life skills necessary to increase the number of qualified applicants for Indiana job openings.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development estimates there will be one million jobs to fill by 2025. Purdue Extension can play an integral role in developing and enhancing the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to excel in the jobs of the future. Workforce development is a strategy to help economic stability by focusing on people instead of business.

INWork lessons are flexibly designed to fit multiple situations and available individually or in multisession increments. Optional activities are available to custom-fit your audience.

The target audience for this curriculum is high school students and displaced adult workers.

The lessons are:

Plan de Vida
This session will help learners understand the role of setting goals in career planning and form working connections between self-discovery, career exploration, and planning for life.

Pass the Buck
Learners will gain awareness and understanding of what it means to be accountable in life and in the workplace. The activities help them apply pragmatic skills to eliminate victim thinking and differentiate between responsibility and accountability.

Dress for Success
First impressions, grooming, dress, attitude, presentation, and enthusiasm are all part of the overall interview process. Learners will connect “looking the part” and “getting the part” when it comes to a successful job interview.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Learners will understand the importance of teamwork, leadership and conflict management in creating a productive and successful workplace. They will gain knowledge, assess skills, and practice teambuilding principles relevant and necessary to success in their personal, social, and work environments.

Tick Tock Tick Tock
Time management is a necessary part of both our personal lives and our work lives. It is an important step in alleviating stress and becoming productive and successful at whatever we do. Learners will discuss time-wasters, organizing and prioritizing tasks, procrastination, and planning.

Learners will gain an awareness and understanding of what it means to be safe, smart, and professional when using social media and the consequences attached to poor social media decision-making.

Money, Money, Money!
Learners will understand the importance of money management in terms of financial freedom, financial success, and overall goal achievement – including developing a budget. Having a working knowledge and appreciation of basic money principles helps ensure learners develop proficiencies necessary to applying smart fiscal decision-making strategies in their daily lives.

What Skills Will Pay the Bills?
In this introduction to the world of work, learners gain an understanding of the Career Planning Process and begin to apply basic planning principles to their individual career search. This section highlights critical 21st-century workplace proficiencies, personal qualities, and high-demand fields.

Nice to Meet You!
Learners understand the importance of interviews, proper etiquette, and the steps and techniques necessary for a successful interview.

Tell Your Story
As a step toward employment and career goals, learners will prepare and maintain an accurate, clear, and functional resume and cover letter.

To learn more about this program, contact your county Extension office. Educators will be glad to work with you and help make this program relevant to your audience.

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