dry edible beans growing in northwest Indiana
Organic Agronomy Training Service Eastern Region

The Organic Agronomy Training Series (OATS) is a collaboratively managed, multi-region training program for organic agriculture. Purdue Extension co-hosts the OATS two-day training by providing education and guidance on organic agriculture,...

Organic Agronomy Training Series

organic field days
Organic Field Days

See organic agriculture in action at field day events around the state.

2024 Field Days

Christian Krupke presents at the 2024 IOGFM
Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meetings

Hosted by Purdue Extension, the Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meeting increases participant understanding of organic transition, certification, and cropping systems through peer learning and networking. This annual training includes education and...

Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meeting

Professional development trainings
Professional Development Trainings

Purdue Extension offers professional development trainings for agriculture professionals and organic farmers at all levels of expertise - including those considering a transition to organic grain production. We focus on the practical expertise to...

on-farm research discussion
On-Farm Research

Purdue Extension conducts organic agriculture research in several of Purdue Agriculture Centers located around the state. We also support individual initiatives for on-farm research and provide advising on how to conduct your own on-farm experiments.

one-on-one consulting
One on One Consulting

Purdue Extension - Organic Agriculture offers one-on-one consulting to anyone looking for guidance, resources, and technical advising on organic agriculture and transitioning to organic agriculture.