Program Objectives

Rainscaping is a combination of sustainable landscape design and management practices that prevents polluted runoff from reaching water bodies — directing stormwater to be absorbed by plants and soils.

The Purdue Rainscaping Education Program provides training and resources on rainscaping practices that can be installed in residential settings or small-scale public spaces projects.

Target Audiences

The program provides advanced training in rain garden planning, installation, and maintenance for:

  • Purdue Extension Master Gardeners
  • Conservation agencies and organizations
  • Stormwater professionals
  • Landscape companies and consultants

Participants are encouraged to attend as a community team to support implementation of public education programs and provide technical assistance to homeowners upon completion of the training.


Our program consists of five modules (three hours each) in a workshop setting. Program modules include:

  • Flipped classroom instruction
  • Online learning opportunities
  • Experiential training activities
  • Field techniques
  • Field trips to community examples of rainscaping projects

Participants also gain hands-on experience by creating a demonstration rain garden project with community members in a public space.