Rain Garden App

The smartphone app named “Rain Garden” is designed to help people plan and build rain gardens across America. It is now customized with a specialized list of plants suited for Indiana.

Through video tutorials, diagrams and tools, the app makes it easy to learn the basics of designing, installing and maintaining a rain garden.

The app is available for free download through the Apple or Google app store. Created at the University of Connecticut, the app includes tools for determining soil type, measuring the area needed for the garden, and managing multiple rain garden projects.

rain garden app

Rain Gardens Map

The online map displays rain gardens that were installed as part of the Purdue Rainscaping Program or by participants, including contractors, who completed the education program.

Map features the following categories:

  • Demonstration Rain Gardens: These rain gardens were installed as part of a Purdue Rainscaping Education Program. The public is welcome to visit these public areas and learn about these sites.
  • Participant Rain Gardens: People who completed the Purdue Rainscaping Education Program have installed these rain gardens and chosen to add them to the map. These are not public gardens.
  • Rain Garden Contractors: These contractors have completed a Purdue Rainscaping Education Program, and offer at least one of the rainscaping services. Possible services are design, installation, maintenance.

This listing should not be considered an endorsement of any contractor.

Visit the RainGarden Inventory site to view the map and impact of rain gardens and watch the Rain Garden Inventory YouTube video for instructions on how to add your rain garden.

Rain Garden Inventory Map


Rain Garden Inventory Map Video

Education Signs

The Purdue Rainscaping Education program offers professionally designed interpretive signs for demonstration rain gardens and homes/small scale public spaces rain garden sites.

The signs are available for use by participants who have completed a Rainscaping Education Program workshop.

Contact Kara Salazar for sign customization (salazark@purdue.edu)

Yard Sign


Interpretative Sign