Animal Sciences Team

What We Do

The Animal Sciences Team works to develop and deliver in-person and virtual programming for livestock, poultry, and companion animal producers through field days, workshops, programs, educational materials, applied research, and multimedia materials. We strive to support and address timely specific producer needs, including industry updates and quality assurance programming. We also provide internal professional development opportunities for Purdue Extension County Educators.  

Farm Data Team

Have you ever had an problem that could be answered with data but you are not sure how? Our aim is to help people feel more comfortable using data generated on farms with platforms like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Extension Educators and Specialists are developing programming to cover data collection moving towards utilizing data for decision making. The examples used are for livestock, however the tools may be useful across agriculture. For more information contact Cora Carter or Dr. Jackie Boerman

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Farmer caring for his goat.

About the Animal Sciences Team

Develop and deliver, in person and virtual programming in the following for livestock, poultry, and companion animals: field days, education workshops and programming, support and address timely specific producer needs, provide networking opportunities, develop and maintain education materials, applied research, multimedia materials, quality assurance, timely industry updates, internal professional development opportunities.

  • Educate and train producers on best management practices, individually and/or through partnerships, across food animal species to increase the financial stability and marketing opportunities for producers.
  • Cultivate and support commercial and small-scale producers of livestock poultry, and companion animals with a focus on health, wellbeing, nutrition, forage production, reproductive management, and processing through individual educational opportunities and or partnerships.
  • To develop and provide educational opportunities for youth and the public in understanding of livestock production, individually and/or through partnerships.


The Animal Sciences Team produces and creates a variety of resources to help distribute up-to-date information to Indiana community members. To view these resources, click the button below.


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Master Cattle Program
Master Cattleman

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Beginning Beef Program
Beginning Beef Program

The virtual program, Purdue Beef Basics will gain knowledge and skills related to beef cattle...

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Butcher Block Basics
Boiler Butcher Basics

The Boiler Butcher Basics course is designed to give hands-on training in harvest, fabrication,...

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