How are drones used in agriculture?

Are you interested in becoming a commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) remote pilot, or are you currently flying without the necessary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification?

Extension personnel are learning how to help farmers and agricultural professionals more easily analyze and apply data from UAVs or drones. UAVs can improve precision, efficiency, and depth of information. They are cost-effective and provide numerous benefits to Indiana’s environment and economy.

Purdue Extension is training and equipping Agriculture & Natural Resources Educators to fly UAVs throughout Indiana. Extension Educators are quickly finding ways to help farmers and land and business owners gather more precise data and translate it into efficient, profitable long-term success.


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UAV Uses

Drones can be used to assess crop health, monitor livestock, disperse cover crop seed, optimize natural resources, for public safety, and much more. Purdue Extension’s UAV pilots are flying fields, forests, and urban areas through Indiana to help farmers, land and business owners, and government officials turn images into insights.

Image a abstract map of cercospora annotation
Corn, Soybean & Wheat

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Image of sunflower garden and a small barn
Diversified Crops

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Image of a landscape
In-field Conservation

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Image of  a cow with an ear tag on a field
Animal Agriculture

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Image of a football field

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Natural Resources

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Image of a thermal outdoors
Public Safety

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Image of a golf court

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When’s the next uav training?

Purdue Extension’s UAV Signature Program teaches individuals legal requirements, preps for FAA pilot testing, and shares useful UAV applications. Every participant gets hands-on experience.

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