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For more information about workshops we offer, visit the Diversified Farming and Food Systems program webpage.
Diversified Farming and Food Systems Programs



Learn more about no-cost advising for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

Offers Hoosier small businesses and entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector access to no-cost, confidential specialty business advising and training, including financing, crop yield projections, U.S. Department of Agriculture loan packaging, value-added product development, and commodity-exporting, among others.

ISBDC website



Learn more about farmer driven innovation by visiting the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education website.

Farmer-driven innovation in agriculture that improve profitability, stewardship, and quality of life. Grants available.

SARE Website




Learn more about support for new farmers by visiting the Purdue Beginning Farmers Program website

Seeks to support new farmers to determine their mission and vision through statewide programs, projects with partnering agencies, and targeted farm events to build more robust networks across Indiana. Each year a virtual series is offered.


Purdue Beginning Farmers Program Website



The Food and Farming Systems major at Purdue is a comprehensive, science-based degree program that will prepare you to manage low-input farming enterprises. You will learn about sustainable agriculture including non-chemical pest and soil management.

Learn more about the Indiana-wide farming network Partners IN Food and Farming by visiting their website.

An Indiana-wide organization connecting the farming community, with food advocates, consumers, and enthusiasts. The goal is to create stronger collaborations and long-term partnerships between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in the Indiana food system.

PIFF Website



Purdue received a USDA grant to form the Ag Innovation Center    which is designed to help ag producers get their value-added ideas to the market. It includes the online course learning, in-person workshop for product testing, and the ability to work with FEMI and Purdue Ag Econ for problem-solving.

Grant eligibility requirements:

-Must grow/raise at least 51%of the ingredients in the

value added product

- Must be a food product fit for human consumption

- Must be a resident of Indiana

- Cannot include controlled substances such as alcohol

and/or drugs

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If you have questions or more interest in these opportunities, please contact Madison Mehringer, Business Development Administrator of the Food Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Institute: or 765-494-2766

Producer training program to prepare you for selling in larger markets, such as restaurants, schools, grocery and retail outlets, wholesale distribution, etc. It is important for growers and producers to be prepared to meet the needs of buyers in these marketplaces because their needs and requirements can differ from the needs of customers in the direct-to-consumer marketplace