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Hosted by Purdue Agriculture, Boiler Bridge is a statewide series of free, open-to-the-public events that help college-curious youth and parents learn more about all fields of study at Purdue University and showcase local Purdue Extension programs.
The July-August 2016 ANR newsletter is now available!
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Read the latest 4-H Newsletter for important information pertaining to 4-H in the upcoming year!
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All Sheep must be entered into 4HOnline no later than May 15*. Animals requiring a 5-digit county tag must be tagged at the County Tagging/Weigh-In prior to the information being entered into 4HOnline. All sheep must be retinal imaged prior to the ID deadline to be eligible for the Indiana State Fair
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All Swine must be entered into 4HOnline no later than May 15*. All swine must have an 840-RFID tag and a DNA hair sample submitted to the Purdue Extension Office in your county of 4-H enrollment by May 15 to be eligible for the Indiana State Fair
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The 2016 4-H year is well under way and it is officially time to begin the 4-H Dairy Goat Project. Enclosed with this letter are instructions for filling out the 2016 enrollment. Please note: There is a new online system this year! All Goat enrollments will need to be submitted online prior to 11:59 on May 15th.

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Purdue Extension Annual Report

Purdue Extension Annual Report 2015

What comes to mind when you think of Purdue Extension? There may be more to us than you realize. Learn all about our organization — and our most recent accomplishments in the State of Indiana and for the people who call it home — in the 2015 Purdue Extension Annual Report!

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