Juntos 4-H: Together for a Better Education


Purdue Extension 4-H Youth Development launched the Juntos 4-H Program in 2020, with a plan to provide middle school Latinx, other multiracial and multicultural students, and their families with the knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure high school graduation and increase college access and attendance rates. 

The program was designed with Latinx families in mind, however it also serves and welcomes students form other ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

We are all in this together. We want to support all youth and their families and help educators feel comfortable and confident as they serve new audiences.

- Xiomara Diaz-Vargas, former 4-H State Specialist for New Audience Initiatives

Mission, Vision, and Objectives

Our Mission

The mission of the Juntos 4-H Program is to help Latinx and other multiracial and multicultural students  achieve high school graduation and attend higher education.

Our Four Components

The Juntos 4-H Program is an intensive long-term program made up of four components:

  1. Juntos 4-H Family Engagement via a 5 to 6 week workshop series and other family nights and family events
  2. Juntos 4-H Clubs with a focus on tutoring, STEM, , public speaking, life skills, career exploration and community service
  3. Monthly One-On-One Success Coaching and/or Mentoring by an adult who monitors academic progress and coaches them to achieve their academic goals
  4. Juntos 4-H Summer Programming that includes the Juntos Summer Academy, which is a week long experience at Purdue University, and other local 4-H summer programs

Our Objectives

  1. Increase family engagement that leads to students’ educational success
  2. Increase the sense of belonging among students and families in their schools and communities
  3. Increase student success by improving student attendance and grades, and achieving high school graduation
  4. Increase the percentage of multiracial and multicultural students attending higher education

Resources and More

For more information about Juntos 4-H, please reach out to Regional Educator for 4-H Juntos, Heather VonDielingen.

Email Heather