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The spring 2015 4-H Paper Clover Campaign has begun and will continue through May 3, 2015. Shoppers at Tractor Supply will have the opportunity to support 4-H by choosing to purchase paper clovers for a $1 or more at checkout. All funds raised will be donated to 4-H, and will support 4-H youth development program activities in the communities where stores are located. Our local Tractor Supply is located at: 330 Ireland Road (just off S.R. 331).
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Purpose: Provide an opportunity to creatively educate Indiana State Fair visitors about history, tradition and the importance of agriculture to the Indiana State Fair. Provide a fun opportunity for students in grades K thru 12 to practice or enhance their art and writing skills. This contest is sponsored by the Indiana State Fair Commission and Dow AgroSciences. Theme: "Year of the Farmer"
Growing in Knowledge Newsletter April 2015
Help Me Weed My Vegetables! * Battling Boxelder Bugs * Lawn Striping from Fertilizer Misapplication * Horseradish: Spring Garden Heat * Gardens Can Also "Grow" Children
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Are you looking for a summer job? IndianaINTER.net is the one stop shop for interns and internships. High school and college students can connect with Indiana employers for internship experiences.
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We will continue to update the on-line 4-H Handbook with changes such as: phone numbers, dates, contacts, etc. We will post the latest date here. Red print in the online version indicates changes, applicable to 2015, as of 4/3/15.
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The Esther Singer Scholarship has passed. The due date for that was April 1, 2015. The next big scholarship coming up is the 4-H 10-Year Scholarship. The due date for that is June 1, 2015. No excuse for this easy-peasy scholarship to be missed. Download the application here, come down to the Extension Office and look up your records, fill out and turn in!
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will be held on Saturday, July 4, 2015!

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