4-H Advisory Council Meetings
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Here are the dates of the 4-H Advisory Council Meetings where the public is invited and welcomed to attend.
The St. Joseph County Extension Homemakers are alive and well...and they want to keep it that way! Do you have three friends? Three neighbors? Three co-workers? It's that easy. Start a club.
Growing in Knowledge Newsletter September 2015
Did you know that if you have a leftover poinsettia from last year, that you have been watering and babying, you can force it to bloom by Christmas? Did you also know the same can be done for a Christmas cactus? I'm so excited to discover this because this is exactly what I have here in our office and I have been doing exactly the above (I did kill the African Violet though and I did feel bad as I dumped it in the trash).
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The Indiana 4-H Livestock Volunteer Conference is designed for existing county 4-H volunteers that are involved in livestock that are interested in learning more about designing educational opportunities for 4-H members that are age-appropriate, hands-on and fun. Additionally, learn how to incorporate all three 4-H missions (Science, Citizenship and Healthy Living) into livestock club meetings and workshops.
Scott Chase
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Scott Chase is the newest leader in our 4-H Robotics program. Click on "read more" to check out the article that recently appeared in the South Bend Tribune. Scott's Granger location will be one of the 4-H Robotics Program's meeting sites.
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The St. Joseph County 4-H Beef Club Lottery Steer system began exhibition in 1936. 2016 will mark the 80th year that 4-H'ers have exhibited lottery steers at the St. Joseph County Fair. The Lottery Steer system, implemented by the Beef Club, levels the playing field and gives each Beef Club member the same chance to win.
2015 Goat Show
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Not sure who this young teen is or her goat, but it's a nice shot.