The St. Joseph County Extension Homemakers are alive and well...and they want to keep it that way! Do you have three friends? Three neighbors? Three co-workers? It's that easy. Start a club.
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The St. Joseph County 4-H Beef Club Lottery Steer system began exhibition in 1936. 2016 will mark the 80th year that 4-H'ers have exhibited lottery steers at the St. Joseph County Fair. The Lottery Steer system, implemented by the Beef Club, levels the playing field and gives each Beef Club member the same chance to win.
Growing in Knowledge Newsletter July 2015
It's Mosquito Season! Grilling Sweet Corn! Black Rot of Grape! Red Horsechestnut or Red Buckeye!
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A 4-H member has two choices for getting their project, food and static, to the Indiana State Fair.
2015 Goat Show
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Not sure who this young teen is or her goat, but it's a nice shot.
Rabbits and Cavies
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I am so sorry I am unable to give you this teen's name or her bunny's name. But I couldn't help myself, I had to post this pic. She has such a great smile and I love that bunny.
Who are you & what's that?
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Rolo, Agility Division Champ, is not quite sure what photographer, Paul Chamberlin, is doing in his space.
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