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In an attempt to better communicate 4-H opportunities to members and volunteers, each Monday you will receive a 4-H weekly update. This will replace our monthly newsletters. Any items of interest that you would like to share through the update or on social media can be sent to Cara Kowal at kowalc@purdue.edu.
The Purdue Extension-Marion County Spring Garden Clinic is an annual event for gardeners in the Indianapolis area. It is usually held on the last Saturday of February or the first Saturday in March.
Lunch and Learning
Want to learn more about a variety of yard and garden topics? Attend our monthly horticulture lunch & learn seminars in Discovery Hall on the Indiana State Fairgrounds.
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The next Purdue Extension-Marion County Lunch & Learn is May 25. The topic is: Ecological Pest Management for the Vegetable Garden. This session will show you ways you can cater to the natural enemies rather than the pest insects in your home garden.
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This is a digital version of the information that was mailed out in the fair packet. There is also a video tutorial for using FairEntry.com
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Information on 4-H projects offered in Marion County, including exhibit requirements for fair. This page includes individual and club projects and a link to exhibit tags to use for Cloverbuds, at township fairs, and as place holders on posters.
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Marion County 4-H offers programs for youth in K-12 grades.

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Purdue Extension Annual Report 2016

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