New car
A workshop that puts you in the Driver's seat to a great car buying experience!
Air Force
If you serve - or have served - in the military, chances are you feel a pretty tight bond with your brothers- and sisters-in-arms. If you share a common experience with someone, it only makes sense that you trust them, want to associate with them, or even do business with them. But here's something to bear in mind: scammers count on your trust in fellow servicemembers - and use it against you.
Pyramid Scheme
Your social media feed is abuzz with stories of people making serious money selling an energy drink. Not one to miss out an opportunity, you do a quick search and come across a viral video. The guy making the pitch insists you can make thousands of dollars a month. "Forget working 9 to 5. Join the Young People Revolution!" he says. You think to yourself, "I'm young people! And I can totally get on board with a revolution."
Beginning Farmers Tour text
On September 8, learn about growing your urban farm by building community partnerships with local businesses and organizations through a Purdue Extension Beginning Farmers event. Enjoy lunch networking at Purdue Extension - Marion County with other farmers, new and old. Then, tour one of the five micro-farms managed by Growing Places Indy.
Purdue Master Gardener Logo
Marion County Master Gardener classes begin September 15, 2015. Registration forms are here. Sign up now.
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Here are indispensable web pages for Marion County Master Gardeners as they navigate through our Purdue Extension-Marion County website.
Family Resource Management
What's the deal with "Rachel from Card Services"? Your top 3 questions answered. Have you heard this message?
Consider a Purdue Extension Career

Consider a Purdue Extension Career

Do you love working with people, educating others, and making a difference for Indiana communities, families, businesses, and farms? A career as a Purdue Extension Educator might be perfect for you. Find current openings, FAQ, links to apply, and more at our Careers page.