The Health and Human Sciences (HHS) program provides education to help individuals in Whitley County improve their dimensions of wellness. Brittney Schori, HHS Educator brings research-based information to meet the needs in the community. She offers both in person and online workshops to help the community strengthen their relationships, eat smart, improve their health, and achieve financial wellness. 

  • For upcoming class offerings, please call Brittney at the Purdue Extension Office. 


Brittney also has taken initiative to start a community needs task force in Whitley County. This task force is called CHAMPS (Community Health Advisory Members Providing Solutions). Anyone in the community can attend meetings and become a member.

  • The mission of CHAMPS is to improve the quality of life for community residents by supporting        agency collaboration.
  • Our vision is to create opportunities for all residents to thrive by providing awareness of and access to quality programs and resources.

Those on CHAMPS have been working with Brittney to identify needs within the community and provide snipets of education. Below you will find educational FACTSHEETS. For more information about CHAMPS, contact Brittney. 

Contact Brittney

Brittney Schori, BS, MPH

Whitley County Health & Human Sciences Extension Educator

Address: 524 Branch Court, Columbia City, Indiana 46725

Phone: 260-244-7615


CHAMPS Monthly Factsheets

  • Once per month a factsheet will be created and then posted. Needs within the community have been identified by CHAMPS and the factsheets reflect the needs identified.
  • The goal of these factsheets is to help strengthen relationships, eat smart, improve health, and achieve financial wellness! 

2024 Factsheets 

*Understanding caffeine intake is crucial for balanced health. Excessive consumption can disrupt sleep and heighten anxiety, while moderate intake enhances cognitive function and focus. Striking a balance is key to reaping the benefits of caffeine without compromising overall well-being
February 2024 - Smart about Sodium 
      *Do you know how much salt you are eating? Almost all of us eat too much sodium or salt. If one eats too much sodium it can increase your risk of high blood pressure. Do you know how to determine if you have high blood presssure? Do you know where sodium comes from? All these things explained more in this months factsheet. 
March 2024 - Credit Scores
     *How much do you know about credit scores? Credit scores are vital for accessing loans, credit cards, and mortgages, influencing interest rates and insurance premiums. They can impact job opportunities, rental approvals, utility services, and cell phone plans, reflecting financial responsibility and affecting various aspects of life. When was the last time you checked your credit score? 
April 2024 - Personal Hygiene 
May 2024 - Vaping 101 
June 2024 - Sun Safety & Melanoma 
July 2024 - Preventing Heat Exhaustion & Staying Hydrated 
August 2024 - Importance of Sleep 
September 2024 - Screen Time
October 2024 - Energy Drink & Protein Consumption + Physical Activity 
November 2024 - Health Screenings 101 
December 2024 - The Scoop on Sugar

Other helpful factsheets: Internet Safety for Youth (Spanish), Food Labeling 101, How to Create a Food Budget, Scam Safety, Budgeting & Spending Leaks, Internet Safety for Youth series 1, Internet Safety for Youth series 2, Internet Safety for Youth series 3, How to Build a Better Breakfast

*If you have suggestions on topics for future factsheets, please scan the QR code on the back of the factsheet and submit the survey! -Thank you!