Private and Commercial Applicators

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New: update on direct supervision (3.12.24)

Upcoming Private applicator recertification programs (PARPs) in or near Whitley County

  • PARPs in or near Whitley County are typically scheduled in: 
    • January at Fort Wayne Farm Show
    • Feb/Mar - an event may be scheduled, but not every year
    • August or September at NEPAC Field Day
    • December at 4-H Center or Ag Museum - call 260-244-7615 to inquire
  • An online course is available anytime here.
  • See also: upcoming PARPs throughout the state

applicator categories and links of interest

Private applicators... 

are individuals who spray restricted-use pesticides or apply manure from a confined feeding operation (CFO) to their land. Individuals in related capacities may also need a private applicator license (see websites below for details). Individuals may possess a private pesticide applicator license, a private Category 14 (fertilizer applicator) license, or a license with both endorsements.

See below for a link to getting a new private applicator license. You must pass the "Core" pesticide exam, plus send in $20 with an application for a new license. If you are a private fertilizer applicator, that will be a separate exam, or an additional exam if obtaining this endorsement in addition to your pesticide applicator license. 

The license is active for five years. Private applicators must attend three private applicator recertification programs (PARPs) within those five years to keep their license active and avoid the need to re-test. No more than two programs may be attended for credit in any one calendar year. One program may be taken online. 

RENEWALS: If you have a current private applicator license and you attended 3 PARPs within the 5-year active period of your license, the Office of the Indiana State Chemist (OISC) will send you a renewal form in the fall of the year prior to the expiration of your license. Return the completed renewal form with $20 and you will be issued a new license for the upcoming 5-year period. If you have lost your mailing from OISC with the renewal form, you may log in to their website using your name and the last 4 digits of your SSN (click on the "Applicator Login" tab on left). Note that OISC does not issue plastic license cards anymore; your license will be in paper form.

Commercial applicators...

spray pesticides or apply fertilizer for hire (as a business). Registered technicians (RTs) can spray general-use pesticides under the direct supervision of a commercial applicator at a business. Starting in 2023, RTs cannot apply restricted-use pesticides (RUPs).

The license is active for five years. Commercial applicators must accumulate the required continuing certification hours (CCHs) within those five years in the category or categories on the license to keep the license active and avoid the need to re-test. When you have accumulated the required CCHs near the expiration of your license, complete a license renewal form and submit a license fee to renew your license.  

I want to: 
  • Get a new private applicator license (Apply only to my crops)
    • For your convenience, we have Pesticide Applicator Core Training manuals (PPP-C) available for purchase at the Purdue Extension - Whitley County office.
    • Private pesticide applicators pass "Core" exam for licensing
  • Get a new commercial applicator license (Apply for hire)
    • Commercial applicators pass Core exam plus the category exam in which their business will be operating
  • Training - Core and Category Training Programs @ Purdue - Purdue Pesticide Programs pdf brochure (training will prepare you for the certification exam, but the exam will not be administered after the training event)
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