Steps to becoming a Sullivan County 4-H Volunteer

1.  Fill out a volunteer application.  Please be sure and list all three references including their name, current address and phone number. Return it to the Extension office.

2.  Please let your references know they will be receiving a reference form from Purdue Extension Sullivan County.  Ask them to fill this out promplty and return it in the enclosed, self-addressed, postage paid envelope.

3.  Once your references have been received, the office staff will run a background check.

4.  An office staff member will contact you to let you know if you have been approved.

5.  You will then create a profile in v2.4honline.com and complete the required volunteer training videos.

6.  You are ready to go!  

Tim Wilson, President
Kenny Thrasher, Secretary
Shelby Swalls
Nathan Wible, Vice President
Dusty Lovelady
Brian Schwindy
Ann Case
Ashley Abrams
Alan Badger, Treasurer 

Become a Sullivan County 4-H Volunteer

Volunteer Application