Extension Homemakers

What We Do

As an Extension Homemaker you have opportunities to...

LEARN . . .

  • Meet with friends and neighbors in educational and social settings
  • Share experiences and information
  • Keep up-to-date on new knowledge and research

GROW . . .

  • Experience personal growth and develop skills
  • Form lasting friendships while sharing leadership responsibilities for programs and projects

CARE . . .

  • Make a difference in today's world.
  • Support projects that help children and families live better lives


The Indiana Extension Homemaker Association (IEHA®) state logo depicts three figures representing an adult male,  adult female and a child.  The letters IEHA®, our association’s acronym, forms an important portion of the home by providing support. The roof of the home extends beyond the perimeter of the design, indicating the influence of IEHA extends beyond the home and family to the surrounding community.

A map of clubs within Miami County



IEHA Scholarship Application












             Extension Homemaker Clubs
                       Country Friends
                Jeffersion Town & County
                   Nite-Time Neighbors
                       Perry Do-Rites

                       Associate Club
                  Deer Creek Do-Ettes


Extension Homemakers Creed
Written in 1930 by Mrs. C.W. Horne, Hendricks County
We believe in the present and its opportunities, in the future and its promises, in everything that makes life large and lovely, in the divine joy of
living and helping others, and so we endeavor to pass on to others that which has benefitted us; striving to go onward and upward, reaching the pinnacle of economic perfection, in improving, enlarging and endearing the greatest institution in the world, the Home.
Vision Statement
The Indiana Extension Homemakers are dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of individuals, families and communities.
Mission Statement
To strengthen families through continuing
education, leadership development and volunteer
community support.