Earth Day

hands of a child and hands of an adult passing a planet earth ball. Text: Earth Day Explorers

Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd as a reminder of the importance of environmental awareness. The day encourages individuals and communities to understand the impact of their actions on our earth. Understanding weather, climate, wind, water, and soil are just some ways to understand our planet better and practice climate-smart agriculture. When we understand how Earth’s natural systems work, we can better understand our human impacts and find ways to create a healthier and more balanced planet.

Earth Day is a time to learn, celebrate, and give back to the planet. We hope these science-based activities, offered for grades pre-K through 8 within this Toolkit and the Facilitator Guide, will help you plan your Earth Day learning activities. 

In addition to learning more about the Earth’s delicate natural systems during the week of April 22nd, you may incorporate some service learning during Earth Day. Popular service learning activities to give back to our planet might include planting trees, picking up litter around your school, or even planting a pollinator garden. Whatever you do this Earth Day with your students, we hope it's fun, informative, and inspirational!

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