4-H Sheep Club

About Us

Empowering Youth, Cultivating Leadership: The Lawrence County 4-H Sheep Club is dedicated to fostering the personal and educational growth of our members through hands-on experiences in sheep husbandry, leadership development, and community engagement. Our mission is to instill a passion for responsible animal care, promote teamwork, and inspire a lifelong commitment to learning and leadership.

By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, we aim to equip our youth with the skills and values necessary to become confident, responsible citizens who positively impact their communities. Together, we strive to build a future where the Lawrence County 4-H Sheep Club is synonymous with excellence, integrity, and a legacy of empowered leaders.


April 30 @5pm- Animal Tagging/ID Day at the Fairgrounds

May 11 starting that morning: schedule TBA- Animal Tagging/ID Day at the fairgrounds

May 15- Animal Identification on 4HOnline

May 19-June 17- FairEntry Opens


4-H Club Leaders

Mark Baker


Amanda Minton


Committee Members

  • Kim Baker
  • Stacey Brown
  • Jeremy Skillman
  • Chance Humphrey
  • Loretta Terrell
  • Aaron Crouch
  • Brooke Horner-Hayes

Meeting Location, Dates, & Times

* All meetings will be held at the Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds, Community Building at 7pm, unless stated otherwise.


 Topic of Discussion

  29 January

  Body Parts & Breeds

  19 February   Nutrition Considerations-Zack Stevens Family Farm Supply
  18 March   Sheep Management and Care Basics- Danielle & Aaron Walker, Walker Family Hair Sheep
  14 April   Indiana Quality Livestock Care Training-3pm @Community Building
  20 May   Reproduction Technologies- Ashten Kemme, Hoosier Embryo @the Show Arena on the Fairgrounds
  17 June

  Showmanship tips- 4-H Youth & Sheep Committee

  TBD July

  Barn Clean-Up and Fair Details (At the Sheep Barn)

 *Committee will meet at 6:30pm prior to each club meeting.

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