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Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences (HHS) provides education to people of all ages in Indiana’s 92 counties on the topics of food, family, money & health. The community is our classroom – where we bring university information to the local level and help people strengthen families, spend smart, eat right, and live well.

Welcome to the Purdue Extension - LaPorte County Health and Human Sciences program. Our HHS educator delivers practical, high-impact, research-based programs to those in our community related to food-based knowledge and safety, money management, health and wellness, and family resources. We offer a variety of engaging and comprehensive programs and services including, but not limited to: Conflict Management Training, Dining with Diabetes, Manager Training, and Where Does Your Money Go? Purdue Extension also offers programs and services including Pressure Canner Testing, ServSafe Food Handler, and other programs. HHS Extension programs offer a variety of adult and youth classes catering to these needs. Contact us today to learn more about what HHS can do for you!


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Food, Family, Money, & Health

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Chrissie Lai

Health & Human Sciences

Purdue Extension Educator

(219) 324-9407

Sue Salisbury

HHS & ANR Secretary

Purdue Extension

(219) 324-9407

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Meet the Educator

Chrissie Lai

A Letter from the Educator

Hi, my name is Chrissie Lai. The Health and Human Sciences Extension Educator here in LaPorte County. My background is in Public Health, specializing in health education. It is my passion to help people live healthier lives, and I am delighted to join LaPorte County. Looking forward to providing university-based information to the community and working with them to improve their health and well-being.

By identifying needs within the community, Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences (HHS Extension) delivers educational programs, applied research, and resources. Through HHS Extension, university information is brought to the local level, both in person and online.

It focuses on the following four pillars:

  • Food

  • Family

  • Money - Financial Well-being

  • Health

For more information about specific programs, visitState HHS Website

2024 March Extension Line Newsletter

Upcoming events and activities of the LaPorte County Extension Homemakers.

2024 March Extension Line Newsletter

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