How to Register for 4-H Project Exhibits and Events using FairEntry

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to submit your 4-H project information at the LaPorte County Fair using FairEntry.

Deadline: All projects must be entered in FairEntry by the end of the day June 14.

If you need help navigating FairEntry, please contact us at or call 219-324-9407. We are here to help!


Contact the LaPorte County 4-H office:

2857 W. State Road 2
LaPorte, IN 46350
(219) 324-9407


Before you enter your projects, be sure to

(1) check that your enrollment in 4-H Online for the current 4-H year is completed and approved,

(2) check that the projects you are exhibiting are added to your 4-H Online profile, and

(3) review our online LaPorte County 4-H Project Handbook and download the exhibit guidelines for your project. You can also download the score cards that will be used to judge your project. Many projects require specific forms or other items to accompany your project, so make sure you know what those are ahead of time.


Need Help?

If you need help with FairEntry, or even just want to check to make sure everything looks right, please reach out to us at or call 219-324-9407. If you made a mistake and have not submitted yet, you can fix it. If you made a mistake and have already submitted, don’t worry – 4-H staff can fix it. Just reach out!

Ready to enter your projects?

Project entry is open until June 14

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