Reading Project


No State Fair Entry  (Revised for 2022)

Level 1 -Grades 3-5
Level 2-Grades 6-8
Level 3-Grades 9-12

This project was developed for youth who enjoy reading both in and out of the formal classroom environment. Reading ability is the foundation of education and is associated with higher scores on tests measuring academic achievement, problem solving, and potential success in post-secondary education and employment. Reading holds unlimited possibilities.

The 4-H Reading project is based largely on choice. Members’ reading selections will not be censored by Purdue University Extension staff or its volunteers. Appropriate subject matter is an interpretation that belongs to families. Members are asked only to keep in mind the positive youth development aspect of the 4-H program.

4-H Reading Project Completion Requirements

  1. Books must have been read between the previous 4-H Fair and July 1 of the current 4-H program year.
  2. The participant will read and report on eight (8) books by selecting four (4) books of his or her choice PLUS at least four (4) books from the Indiana Young Hoosier List within or above the member’s project grade level. All eight of a member’s selections may come from the recommended reading list. A list is included with the project booklet for each level.
  3. A brief report on each book is to be completed. Report forms are provided with project booklets. To maximize the educational benefit of this project and expedite judging, participants will be required to submit record sheets for judges’ review approximately 10-14 days prior to exhibit judging at the 4-H Fair. Enclosing the record sheets in a notebook is nice but not required. Reports can be hand written or typed. Reasonable prior notice of the date to turn in record sheets will be provided for 4-H’ers.
  4. At the 4-H’er’s option, an exhibit may be entered in the 4-H Fair, representing a particular book, author, idea, or as an overall display of the learning that occurred as a result of the member’s participation in the reading project. Exhibit options are listed with the project booklet.

4-H Reading project Exhibit Entries

Project completion and fair exhibition are two different things. A 4-H’er does not have to enter an exhibit to complete the project, but a 4-H fair exhibit is necessary for champion consideration.

Exhibits should represent a particular book, author, idea, or as an overall display of the learning that occurred as a result of the member’s participation in the reading project. Exhibit options are also listed with the project booklet.

Exhibit options

  • Make a poster that tells about a book you liked.
  • Make a poster that would encourage people to read.
  • Read to a brother, sister or friend who is younger than you. Read him/her three or four books you think he/she would like. Then write a paper about the books they liked and what happened.
  • Design a book jacket for a book that you especially liked.
  • Make a mobile which contains characters from favorite books.
  • Create original illustrations for a story using a variety of materials.
  • Make a scrapbook, chart or poster of interesting words or unusual expressions found in a book.
  • Make a time line showing the works of one author.
  • Make a map that shows the locations of favorite stories from one land or from around the world.
  • Make puppets or masks of favorite book characters in a particular story using paper Mache, old socks, cloth, paper bags or other materials.
  • Make a movie of a book by drawing a series of pictures and attaching the series to two rollers at opposite ends of an open box.
  • Make a diorama by placing small paper characters from a story in a shoe box which has a peephole, or by gluing characters in a scene from a story in stand-up fashion on heavy cardboard.

* These are not all-inclusive lists. Participants are encouraged to use his or her imagination!

 Reading Record Sheet