4-H Horseless Horse Project

No State Fair Exhibit

Level 1 (Grades 3-5)
Level 2 (Grades 6-8)
Level 3 (Grades 9-12)

The Horseless Horse project is intended for 4-H'ers without access to a horse, pony, or draft horse. While 4-H meetings and activities are open to the public, members who plan to show a horse in 4-H events should enroll in 4-H Horse & Pony and/or 4-H Draft Horse. Current Horse & Pony or Draft Horse members are welcome to attend Horseless Horse meetings to learn about horses in a different way, but they should not enroll in the Horseless Horse project.

◊  All levels will complete at least 2 activities listed in the project materials.
◊  Attend meetings and activities set up for this project.
◊  Members are welcome to attend regular 4-H Draft Horse and/or Horse and Pony Meetings.


All levels are to prepare a poster or display on a topic about horses that they have learned.

4-H General Record Sheet